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Our mission and vision
- To build excellent quality, found our brand, achieve Kaixu safety fastenerl;
- We will do our best to meet all of our customers’ requirements;
- Create unity, safe, comfortable working environment for employees;
- To protect our environment, as a respected corporate citizen of our social.
Our direction

We will work hard to do as following:
- supply our best services to our customers, meet our customers’ quality requirement, delivery goods in time. 

- The continuous improvement of production technology, improve products quality.
- Achieve Kaixu safety fastener!
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New Products
retaining ring for shaft(D...
wire snap ring for shaft
disc spring washer
woodruff key(DIN6888)
spring pin(DIN1481)
retaining ring for gear bo...
snap ring for bearing
fix clip
Axle snap ring
stainless steel fender was...
Glass lifter snap ring
hose clamp
stud bolt
retaining ring assort U-cl...
Hook spanner
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